About Us

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The Queer Office of the General Students’ Committe (in German: AStA – Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss) of the University of Augsburg is a longstanding part of the university’s students’ representation and exists since 2014. Beforehand, the matters of LGBTIQ+ students were represented by the Woman and Lesbian Office and the Gay Office. The Queer Office is responsible for standing in for the political interests of all members of our university, but especially the students’.

We are responsible for…

  • political work in LGBTIQ+ matters at the University of Augsburg
  • improvement of study conditions for LGBTIQ+ students
  • creating opportunities for networking within the community
  • sex education project “Outklärung” for Augsburgs schools
  • (further) education ventures at university
  • sensitization of faculty members for LGBTIQ+ matters
  • networking on a local, state and federal level

Our office has some elected members, but also freelancers. At the moment, there are:

  • Maximilian Neumann (elected member)
  • Ronja Kil (elected member)
  • Florian Rummler (freelancer)
  • Marco Kuchenbaur (freelancer)

This post is also available in: deDeutsch (German)